Friends of St Mary’s is an organisation whose sole purpose is to raise funds for the preservation and restoration of St. Mary’s Church. It raises funds  by donations, member subscriptions and by carrying out fund raising activities. 

Set up in February 1999, the Friends have been able to fund many large and small restoration projects for the church, partly by their fund raising efforts, but mainly through two large bequests from members of the congregation. The largest restoration project was the exterior of the church in 2017, when every item listed as requiring restoration in the 2015 architect’s report, was tackled and resolved.

During restoration and after restoration pictures

During March and April 2014, the north door was replaced and the area made wheelchair friendly.

The church hall ceiling was lowered, the interior painted and new curtains hung in 2014. In 2015 the exterior of the hall was repaired and repainted.  The work was organised by the ‘Friends’ and carried out by members and volunteers.

The latest project, carried out at the end of 2020, is the restoration and re-decoration of the chancel.  St. Mary’s Church is an ancient building and will always require restoration work to enable it to be used and enjoyed by the community as a place of worship, but also to be cherished as the oldest building in Stotfold.

Telephone Chairman Roger Billson on 01462 730103 to enquire about joining.