The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have invited all, if possible, to join in Prayer for the Nation during this Covid – 19 pandemic each day at 6pm.

The following prayers are suggestions for you:

Father, Creator, in prayer I bring to you our world, our people, our families and friends. Not just ours but yours too. Where there is fear give strength. Where there is confusion give order. Where there is sickness give hope and healing. Where there is death and bereavement give peace and compassion. In loss give comfort.
I pray for your Presence with all who live, work and struggle with this virus, putting themselves at risk. Keep them safe and in knowledge of our gratitude.

Father, Creator hear my prayer Amen.

Lord, there are many leaders and scientists struggling every minute of every day to bring the virus to an end. Help them through their determination to win their battle.
May they know your support and our gratitude for the work they do. Keep them focused and strong in their resolve to bring us through these times.

Lord hear my prayer. Amen

Lord Jesus, you know the daily routine of family life. How important each person is in love and support of each other. Be with busy parents working and schooling their children at home. Give relaxation, fun and rest in the busyness of the day. In the chaos, may they rejoice in each other and find strength to continue until normality returns.

Hear this prayer Lord Jesus. Amen.

If I feel alone Lord, remind me you are here with me. Guide me away from self pity and fill my mind with thoughts of others worse off. May I be thankful for all who work day and night caring for the sick and working to beat the virus and bring life back to normal.


I stand at my window and watch my cat sitting in the sun, watching the birds who are watching the cat. How wonderful to know that you are watching me Lord. We are all at one with each other and you, in your creation. It is what it is. Nothing is certain. Nothing is sure except you and your love for me and your certainty that all will be well.
Give me stillness, faith and hope and longing for a new well and safe world. A world where we are less afraid and worried for the future.


When this is all over Lord, and life returns to normal, I pray that “normal” will not be “the same as before”, but a better world with a better me. That will be a new ” normal”. I will be more useful where needed, more considerate of others, more willing to listen and to change my views. More prayerful and grateful to You for sparing me. I pray this is a promise I can keep. Help me to make a difference somewhere, somehow, to someone.


Prayers written by Revd. Jane Wheatley